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Highcrest is a floor mounted chair height flushometer toilet bowl manufactured by the Kohler Company, made to be the predecessor of Kohler's Highcliff Lite flushometer bowls that were in production from the early-mid 1990's. The toilet features a 2-1/4th trapway passages with a tiny Arch Shaped Opening. Introduced in 1998, the Highcrest was discontinued in late 2017 following the release of the Highcliff Ultra around 2016.


Configurations and SKUs[]

The Highcrest had 4 main configurations and SKUs not including color/finish options.

  • K-4302 — Elongated bowl, floor mounted, top spud
  • K-4302-L — Elongated bowl, floor mount, top spud, bedpan lugs
  • K-4301 — Elongated bowl, floor mount, rear spud
  • K-4301-L — Elongated bowl, floor mount, rear spud

Colors and finishes[]

The Highcrest was available in 7 different colors.

  • White (0)
  • Almond (47)
  • Biscuit (96)
  • Ice™ Grey (95)
  • Sandbar (G9)
  • Mexican Sand (33)
  • Black Black™ (7)